What is innovation?

Life is made up of dots. Many, in fact – most people, believe that the dots they see every day are all the dots there are. So life goes along according to these known dots. Decisions and solutions are based on these commonly known dots. As well as many conclusions too.

Some companies build their entire exitencs on these known dots

This we know as the Status Quo: business as usual. And one day, someone comes along and sees more sots, beyond the commonly agreed upon dots. Dots that others missed, dots that are ignored, dots that have long since been forgotten about.

Some like these new dots and celebrate their new discovery. Like how things currently are and comfortable with current day dots, some protest these new dots. ┬áSome claim, they’re not valid or worse, are imaginary and don’t even exist.

Yet, it’s these new dots, that potentially change everything.

What’s the source of these new dots? Notions, unexpected connections, ideas, possibilities and imagination.

Fire was one of these dots. So was the wheel and the bicycle and the automobile and the computer and the internet the smartphone and the tablet.

In fact, many of today’s common dots, were at one time uncommon, newly introduced dots.

So what is innovation?

These other dots! The ones others miss and having the certainty, to know that the dots you see are not only valid but necessary if the world wants to move forward.

Find out what disruptive innovation is.