Meeting our Team on the ground in Krakow

While Jamie went to Warsaw, I was in Krakow for a couple of days to organise things on location and actually meet our Krakow Team. It was my second time in Poland my first time in Krakow.

I really liked the whole vibe of the city. I was under the impression that in terms of culture, Switzerland and Poland are both very similar and also very different.

I was finally able to meet Pawel, the head of operations of #OMGKRK, the StartUp community of Krakow. Pawel is also our “guy on the ground” and helps us organise things on location. It was great to confirm, that we not only have very similar interests but also the same vision.

My workplace for the duration of the trip was cluster co-working space, where #OMGKRK also regularly hosts events.

I met some interesting polish entrepreneurs, StartUp founders and freelancers. They were very enthusiastic, when I told them about our plans for the zurkow Festival. Most importantly, though, I got a lot of work done.

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While in Krakow, I had the opportunity to meet the owner of our venue: Szpitalna 1.

He’s very excited about the Festival and had some great ideas concerning decorations. We discussed some programme points and how we’d like to use the locations.

Overall I’m very pleased with what we have achieved so far. It was also great to see Krakow for myself. The city is super beautiful!

We’re planning to host a mini event in collaboration with Zurich ImpactHub, where Pawel will talk about the Krakow StartUp community.

I’ll also be back in Krakow during StartUp week in late October, to coordinate our on location efforts and to give a talk.

Thanks for following our journey and see you soon at one of our upcoming StartUp events, either in Zurich or Krakow!

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