Swiss – Polish Fintech StartUp Speed Dating

Efficient, exclusive networking for StartUps and companies

Another special event at the Zurkow StartUp Festival, is StartUp Speed Dating. During 3 minutes, selected delegates from Swiss & Polish Fintech StartUps & companies will have the chance to get to know eachother’s products, services, ideas etc. If there’s a spark they can later choose to exchange contact details.

The limited time forces the participants to get straight to the point.

This part of the programme is intended for the more advanced participants. We warmly invite Swiss and Polish StartUps as well as companies interested in an exchange with StartUps.

Do you want to represent your StartUp or company at the event? Apply here!

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Fintech in Switzerland and Poland

Switzerland is renowned as a banking hub all around the globe. With innovations like Etherium coming out of Switzerland, the Swiss ecosystem remains relevant and contiunes to push towards more efficiency in the financial sector.

Poland as well is very active in the Fintech field and has spawned many StartUps that cooperate with major banks, especially in the payment sector. Examples are inPay, which allows you to accept Bitcoin payments and Blik, which unites many banking features in one convinient app and is supported by most major banks in Poland.

Innovations in the banking sector

Switzerland has also been very successful in developing and implementing payment soloutions such as Twint, a cashless payment soloution founded as a subsidary of PostFinance and adopted by many Swiss banks.

Big enterprises are often slow, when it comes to developing something new from the ground up. A symbiotic realtionship between StartUps and enterprises can be beneficial for both: Enterprises benefit from having less internal dependecies and StartUps get the reach and market access, they otherwise would have to develop.

Focus on Blockchain

The blockchain was revolutionary and it will likely continue to disrupt the Fintech sector, as many companies are working on blockchain soloutions. We’re excited to see what’s coming next!